Cyrus Persian Academy in Sterling Virginia is a Farsi teaching school and its mission is to promote Farsi among Iranian Immigrants in Virginia USA, and also to provide Farsi learning classes for anyone who is interested in learning this wonderful language.

مدرسه پارسی کورش واقع در استرلینگ ویرجینیا، به منظور تدریس زبان شیرین فارسی و با چشم انداز آموزش این زبان به ایرانیان مهاجرت کرده به آمریکا و دیگر دوست داران آن ، فعالیت می نماید.


Nahid Asadi Khojaste

Founder and Executive Director

Cyrus Persian Academy



1323 Shepard Drive Suit D, Sterling, VA 20164

Hours of operation:

Saturday: 8:30AM to 5PM

Sunday: Only by appointment

Monday: Only by appointment

Tuesday: 12PM to 7PM

Wednesday: 12PM to 7PM

Thursday: 12PM to 7PM

Friday: Closed

Please contact us for other hours during weekdays.

Have you ever wished to learn Farsi language or about the Iranian culture, but thought that was too difficult? Well do not fear! You can achieve this through Cyrus Academy thanks to our well experienced teachers who teach students from all backgrounds and of all experience levels.