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Farhad Tehrani started playing piano at age 7. He received musical education at Tehran Conservatory under the supervision of Kelara Bukuchava the prominent piano teacher from Tbilisi Conservatory of music. His is specialized on Persian pop and folk songs and Classical music. He has been working with students from different age groups especially the young children. His teaching methodology focuses on empowering students through appropriate technical and theoretical activities and ultimately engaging them in creating their own music. He also has a master degree in Liberal Arts from Georgetown University where he concentrated on the significant role of music and human behavior. He never take for granted the important role of parents in learning processes and strongly encourage them to get musical education themselves so they can better understand their kids progression.

Kazem Davoudian : received his BA degree in music from University of Tehran, College of Music and Dramatic Arts, in 1980. He was trained by notable masters of Iranian classic (traditional) music such as Esmaeel Tehrani(Santur) and Bahman Rajabi (Tonbak). He also studied under supervision of renowned composers such as Kambiz Roshan-RavanShahin Farhat and MostafaKamal Pourtorab.
Much of his time was dedicated to music composition during the 1983-1989 period. He wrote a number of pieces for Tehran Symphony Orchestra and National Iranian Radio and Television Chamber Orchestra. The Mystery of Life, Asmar, and Shorydeh are among those pieces. He also composed film scores for movies such as Grand Cinema Think of the Kind Mountain.
In 1970s, he immigrated to the United States, where he continued his contribution to the growth of Iranian classic music through performing, composing and teaching. In 1991, he had a concert tour in United States and Canada together with Hossein Alizadeh and Dastan Ensemble.
His recent activities include performance and orchestral composition. His written pieces have been performed by by various ensembles in places such as Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, George Washington Masonic Memorial and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC metropolitan area.
Tradition and Intuition (2007), Art of Improvision (2003) and Pearl (2003) are among his released albums.
Founded by Kazem Davoudian in 1991, the Haft AhangMusic Center located in Washington DC Metro Area, presents classes in Iranian classical music theory, its principal modal systems and rhythm (solfege). The center also offers music lessons in Iranian traditional musical instruments including santur, tar, setardaf and tonbak.

Prices: 45min $40(private lessons only). Only SaturdayMonday and Wednesday 

Harmonize your passion, compose your melody, and let music be the soundtrack of your journey.”

Farhad Tehrani

Unlock your creativity, compose your symphony, and let your imagination soar through the notes of your own creation.

Kazem Davoudian